Lance McAlister

Lance McAlister

Photos from Opening Day

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Photo Gallery: Opening Day in Cincinnati
Photo Gallery:
 Opening Day Parade 
Photo Gallery: Opening Day broadcast from the Holy Grail
Photo Gallery: Ladies in Reds gear on Opening Day

Opening Day 2014

I got to GABP around 11am Monday. I like to walk around the park when it's empty and check out the new stuff. I sat in on temporary stands in right field and watched the final touches being put on the field and stadium. I could smell the popcorn and hear the pop of the mitts as players started playing catch.

You can't beat paying $5 to park and then walking the bridge from Newport on the Levee to GABP. It felt like I was leaving winter and walking into spring and baseball season.

The scene at GABP around 11:30 Monday morning. Is this heaven? No, it's Opening Day.

This is kind of like a "Wish You Were Here" postcard.

Does your grass look like this?

Final touches being put on the field.

The Reds Way: Paying attention to the smallest details. I watched this worker clean spots on the plexiglass.

Devin Mesoraco long tossing with Homer Bailey.

It's not a stretch to say the Reds can't afford any more injuries.

The scene at the Holy Grail for our broadcast. Unreal.

The broadcast set-up at the Holy Grail.

Anyone need a beer? The new Brewery District down the LF line is pretty cool.

I like beer, I'm not paying $9 for a beer, unless Kerry Washington or Jennifer Aniston serves it to me.

More of the Brewery District

Anyone get connected at the new Connect Zone?


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