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Prosecutor: Officers Acted Appropriately

Prosecutor: Officers Acted Appropriately

(Lebanon, OH)--Warren County Prosecutor David P. Fornshell said Monday that officers acted properly in using deadly force against Warren Gary Cook, 56.   

Officers were called to 4871 Lebanon Rd. in South Lebanon on April 21. They were going to serve a protection order filed against Cook by family members.   Fornshell said that when Cook saw the officers,  he donned a bullet-proof vest, grabbed a shotgun, and started making threats against the officers. 

A two-hour stand-off began at that point. Fornshell said negotiators and family members tried to talk with Cook, without success.

Cook made repeated threatening statements toward officers, according to Fornshell. He added that Cook  finally raised the shotgun in a firing stance.  In response, three members of the  Warren County Tactical Response Unit fired five shots at Cook, and hit him twice. 

Cook's shotgun was recovered, with one round in the chamber and one round in the magazine.  

An autopsy indicated that Cook's blood-alcohol level was .257. It also showed he was taking anti-depressant drugs.  The coroner said Cook also had morphine and oxycodone in his system. 

"Based upon my review of the reports of the investigation, as well as the statements of numerous witnesses, I believe that the officers acted appropriately under the circumstances" said Fornshell. 

"Their use of deadly force was in response to the actions of Cook which placed these officers, and others, in immediate danger of death or serious physical harm."


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