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Mayor Cranley Wants Cincinnati to be "Most Immigrant-Friendly City"

Mayor Cranley Wants Cincinnati to be

(Cincinnati, OH)--Mayor John Cranley wants Cincinnati to be a place for immigrants to call home, start a business, and thrive.

The mayor announced a Task Force on Immigration on Thursday. The task force will look at city immigration policies and how it can retain and foster the immigrant community. 

Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber President and CEO Brian Carley will co-chair the task force with University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono and Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell.

The task force will focus on economic development, community resources, welcoming and development, education and talent recognition, international relations, and rights and safety.

"Nearly 15,000 people in Cincinnati were born in another country," said the mayor. "Make no mistake, this is a good thing for the United States and it is a good thing for Cincinnati."








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