VIDEO: Officer Shoots Knife Wielding Woman

VIDEO: Officer Shoots Knife Wielding Woman

( Mt Airy ) -- A woman was shot and killed by a Cincinnati police officer, Saturday afternoon. Police went to an apartment complex on High Forest Lane at about 1:00pm for the report of a domestic dispute and when they got there, found a woman with a butcher knife outside.

Investigators say an officer told the woman to put down the knife and fired two shots when she didn't comply with orders, killing her.  The woman has been identified as Erica Collins. She originally called police, to report a disturbance with her sister.

When Officer Matthew Latzy arrived, he found Elizabeth Collins preparing to leave.  He, and witnesses say Erica Collins came out of the apartment with a butcher knife, and attempted to stab the wheel of her sister's SUV.

Latzy says he ordered Collins to drop the knife, but she refused, and told Latzy he would have to shoot her.  Witnesses say when Collins advanced on Latzy, he fired twice, hitting her in the head, and chest.

Chief James Craig calls the confrontation unfortunate, and tragic, but says it appears Officer Latzy acted appropriately.