PHOTOS: Prepping the Ballpark

PHOTOS: Prepping the Ballpark

(Cincinnati) --  The groundskeeping crew at Great American Ball Park is trying to get the grass in 'Opening Day condition'.  In fact, workers are trying to make the entire stadium look as good as new, ahead of the playoff games.

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Head groundskeeper Doug Gallant says the hot, dry summer was rough on the grass, but, this fall's cooler temperatures with occasional rain has been ideal. He says there are a few patches they've had to re-seed and re-sod, but that's normal.

Elsewhere, crews are pressure-washing the seats, checking signs and light fixtures to make sure every bulb works, and getting the heaters in the bathrooms ready, in case the Reds' season lasts into colder weather.

Gallant says they know there will be extra attention on the stadium during the playoffs, so they want everything to look its best.